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Too many overweight patients get blamed and beaten up for their weight struggles.

The skilled surgeons of Bay Bariatrics are happy to provide life changing weight loss surgery so you can live a more active, attractive, and healthy life.

Bariatric Surgery

Many people struggle with losing weight and feel like they will never achieve their weight loss goals. Perhaps you’ve tried many different diets to change your eating habits and still haven't gotten the results you desire. This can lead to feelings of hopelessness, and shame. Sometimes it feels like you are out of options.

The good news is at Bay Bariatrics we specialize in life-changing bariatric surgery.

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Bariatric Revision

If you have had previous bariatric surgery and are experiencing complications or problems of any kind including weight regain, inadequate weight loss, or reflux then bariatric revision surgery may benefit you. You should be satisfied and have optimal results after your weight loss surgery.

If you are experiencing less than ideal results after weight loss surgery or even weight gain this can be frustrating and feel hopeless. Our team of surgeons will evaluate your unique needs and determine if revision surgery may benefit you.

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SADI-S or Single Anastomosis Duodenal Ileal Bypass with Sleeve Gastrectomy is a simplified variation of the Bileopancreatic Diversion with Duodenal Switch. It was first developed in Europe over 10 years ago and has emerged as a promising treatment for patients with high body mass index and diabetes. SADI-S is endorsed by the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery and patients can expect to lose more than 80% of their excess body weight and keep it off for life. Dr. Rogalsky is a skilled early adopter of this safe and powerful operation.

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For Referring Physicians

You and your patient deserve world-class bariatric surgery specialists who are passionate about helping and always a phone call away.

Bay Bariatrics is the weight loss surgery center focused on helping your patients lose weight without any attached shame or guilt.

In an era when renowned surgeons who also care deeply about patients are hard to find, you can be confident when referring your patients to Bay Bariatrics.

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See the results for yourself...

Prior to weight loss surgery I weighed 292lbs. I had uncontrolled Type II diabetes, high blood pressure, used a CPAP machine and hated exercise. I am down 115lbs and still working on my changing my body composition, currently 6lbs from goal. I do progressive overload weight lifting, hike and ride my bike 4-6 days a week. I have been off all insulin since 5 months post op, no longer take BP meds and am almost off my CPAP machine. I love my new life, thank you Dr Rogalsky!!!

Shawna H.

Lost 115 lbs.

Before the surgery I was very unhealthy and depressed I have two kids that I couldn't even play with because I hurt too much. I was up to 350 and I am now 180 and I can run and play with my kids for a long time. The surgery has given me a new life and a long life. Thank you so much.

Kattie Flint

Lost 170 lbs.

My bariatric surgery was a life changing event. The staff at Bay Bariatrics are wonderful. They helped me through the process from the start and throughout the process.

Rickey Wiley

I chose weight loss surgery because I had tried just about everything (Weight Watchers, Atkins, appetite suppressants, etc). I would lose weight only to gain it right back. The older I got the more concerned I became about the long-term effects of this on my health. I felt like my body needed a ‘reset’ and this is what bariatric surgery did for me. I have more energy and confidence.

Keri Smith

Before I got the sleeve surgery, I just sat on the sidelines in a wheelchair or walker watching my family have fun without me. But now I am out there having fun with them out of the walker, able to live life again.

Candida Pruett

I had a sleeve gastrectomy performed at Bay Bariatrics. This surgery was life changing for me. I no longer have high BP, high cholesterol; I’m no longer borderline diabetic. My energy level is fantastic and my joint pain I significantly reduced.

Deb Campbell

What an amazing journey my weight loss surgery has been. I have been down many roads to find my healthy self! Through a lot of mistakes, I have found the right way to feel so much better, about self and physically. I have a lot more energy and self-esteem. Don’t wait too long to do this too! So much support is available here!

Mona Temple

Since my surgery, I have been able to go to the store without getting out of breath. I have more energy and can do more around the house. I’m very thankful for Bay Bariatrics!

Marilyn Asciutto

I struggled with weight loss for 20 years. In 2020 I had the gastric sleeve and I have lost 132 lbs. I am now able to take better care of myself and my family. I regret not having surgery sooner! Thank you, Bay Bariatrics!

Jennifer Houston-Mayo

Lost 132 lbs.

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Dr. Derek Rogalsky

Dr. Derek Rogalsky is a general and bariatric surgeon at North Bend Medical Center in Bay Bariatrics. He grew up in the Northwest, in Eastern Washington and attended college at Seattle University. It was there that he met my wife Rebekah and started his journey into service and medicine.

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