Why Refer Your Patients?

Until now, physicians in Oregon have had limited options when caring for patients struggling with obesity.

These cases are often time-consuming for you, taxing on your practice, and difficult for patients who often present with comorbidities.

You and your patient deserve world-class bariatric surgeons who are passionate about helping and always a phone call away.

Bay Bariatrics is the only bariatric and weight loss center whose sole focus is to radically improve the quality of life for your patients without them feeling shame or blame for their weight challenges.

In an era when renowned specialists who also care deeply about patients are hard to find, you can be confident when referring your patients to Bay Bariatrics.

Get your patient life-changing weight loss surgery. No blame. No shame.

Expertise and Care

Bay Bariatrics surgeon, Dr. Derek Rogalsky, is at the forefront of clinical developments in bariatric weight loss surgery. Your patients benefit from years of experience coupled with a determination to stay on the leading edge of bariatric procedures, all delivered with a great bedside manner.

We are committed to keeping you abreast of the progress of any patient you refer, so you feel confident they are receiving the best care possible.

Your Patient Experiences Life Change with No Blame and No Shame

Too many overweight patients get blamed and beaten up for their weight struggles.

The longer it continues, the more stretched their waist and wallet get. As their physician, you may feel you are running out of options, leaving your patient trapped in an expensive cycle of trying to maintain, medicate, and manage their weight.

The skilled surgeons of Bay Bariatrics are happy to provide safe, life-changing weight loss surgery, so your patients can live a more active, attractive, and healthy life.

 In an era where everyone thinks diet, exercise, and self-discipline solve ALL weight problems, you need an experienced weight specialist eager to help.

Discover how referring your patients will secure the best possible future for them.

We understand that there are many issues associated with weight and obesity. Patients have questions and concerns that they are sometimes fearful to ask or address. We listen and address their questions.

We want to ensure your patients are educated and confident about their procedure and recovery while being armed with what is needed to have the most successful post-surgical lifestyle possible.