Laparoscopic Adjustable Banding, or LAP-BAND®

Laparoscopic Adjustable Banding

What Is a LAP-BAND®?

Laparoscopic adjustable banding is the simplest form of weight-loss surgery because it does not alter the body’s anatomy. During LAP-BAND® surgery, a band is wrapped around the stomach to create a small pouch in the upper part of the stomach. The band turns the stomach into an hourglass shape and leaves a narrow passage from the pouch to the lower section of the stomach. The food you eat fills the pouch and then empties slowly through the narrow passage created by the band, similar to sand sliding through an hourglass. This reduces the amount of food you can eat at one time while keeping the normal progression of digestion.

The band causes you to feel full after eating a small amount of food. The feeling of fullness should last for several hours, which reduces the desire to eat between meals. We proudly offer LAP-BAND® surgery, as it is a viable alternative to traditional gastric bypass surgery.


There are several advantages of laparoscopic adjustable banding:

  • Because the stomach is not cut, stapled, or opened, this method is less invasive than other bariatric surgical options, so there is less risk of infection and less pain after surgery.
  • Hospitalization stays are shorter.
  • This surgery can be individualized to your own weight-loss needs by expanding or deflating the band.
  • This type of weight-loss surgery can be easily adjusted and even reversed.

Because the procedure is done laparoscopically, there are smaller scars and shorter healing times. Every patient is different, and Dr. Tersigni evaluates which procedure is best for your needs.


Dr. Steven Tersigni is one of the most experienced bariatric surgeons in Oregon. His patients have phenomenal results. If you are considering weight-loss surgery, please contact us today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Tersigni.