Bariatric Surgery
Patient Success Stories

Stephany W.

Stephany W. Roseburg, Oregon

Now I Can Run

Three years ago, Stephany Woodral would never have believed she’d run two 5K races. But her gastric bypass surgery in September 2012 made it possible—taking her from 312 pounds to 140.*

“The surgery is one of the tools for my life,” Stephany says, “It helped me change my whole lifestyle. I eat better, healthier food. The changes in my diet work together with the exercise I do to help me not gain the weight back.”

Stephany chose Bay Bariatrics for her surgery because of its excellent record and location on the coast. She says, “I have referred four other people there because my experience was so great.”

*Results may vary by patient.

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Nichole R.

Nichole R. Reedsport, Oregon

A Better Life

Nichole Rushner, a nurse at Lower Umpqua Hospital in Reedsport, looked to bariatric surgery to change her life for the better. She said, “When it was too hard to get up off the couch to get my son a drink of water, I knew I needed to do something. I wanted to be a better wife and a better mother.”

Nichole lost 176 pounds* since her surgery on February 18, 2014, which has allowed her to change her habit of eating into a habit of walking. Now she can run, play, and go on bike rides with her two children and it isn’t a problem at all.

*Results may vary by patient.

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Bonnie Riley

Bonnie Riley Roseburg, Oregon

Choosing Life

For Bonnie Riley, choosing bariatric surgery meant choosing life: “I looked around and didn’t see any old obese people. I figured they must be dead or hidden away somewhere and I didn’t want to be one of them.”

Since her surgery on March 10, 2014, she went from 317 pounds to 155 pounds,* and has been able to do what she couldn’t before. She goes to football games with her grandchildren and travels with her husband frequently. After the weight loss, she saw the Northern lights for the first time and climbed a mountain in Arizona. Bonnie says, “I enjoy every single day. I’m taking time for me now. I have the energy to do the things I want to do.”

*Results may vary by patient.

Before and After Photos